Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ray LaMontZane

For an early birthday present, my beautiful and thoughtful wife, Holly, presented me with tickets to see our new favorite artist, Ray LaMontagne. He was grrrreat!

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This guy is such a poet- listening to his album for the first time, I nearly cried after hearing " Jolene". Still get a lump in my throat when I hear it. Not only does he have the smooth, smoky voice of a white Al Green or a young Van Morrison, but he is utterly, and completely down to earth. Looked as though he would rather be anywhere else than on stage, in front of 1200 people. Amazing to see someone so talented, yet so uncomfortable with his gift and the audience's appreciation of it. Endearing, to say the least.

While getting into line, we also bumped into one of our other favorite artists/friends, Zane Williams.
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He fell back in line with us and we talked all night. He, on the other hand, is an amazing performer, and has a heart of gold as well.

Good concert, good company, good wife. All combine for a great evening, even though I am an old man who had to leave a little early to wake up for work.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger BSC said...

I discovered the guy on accident a couple years ago while surfing through some of the random stations on Winamp Shoutcast, and loved it. He reminds me of Van Morrison A LOT, and that's a good thing because Van is about to drink himself to death and we'll need another great songwriter to take his place.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger steve said...

God Bless! I love your music by the way. I am a Worship Leader/Songwriter from Portland Oregon.

If you get a chance could you please say a prayer for a little girl named "Rebekah" who has cancer. God knows who you will be praying about! Thank you so much!

Trying to rally some good Christian Prayer for her and her family!

At 11:11 PM, Blogger tjmccloud said...

Steve- my wife and I will be praying for Rebekah- thanks for bringing her to our attention.

At 11:35 PM, Blogger steve said...

You are the real deal my friend. I have been listening to your music for a while. I randomly hit your blog today as I was searching out Christians for prayer.

I am so very glad to see that your heart that is so apparent in your music is more apparent in your prayers for Rebekah.

I cant thank you enough.

If there is EVER any prayer request you have let me know. I will gladly pray without ceasing for you.

In Him


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