Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We miss you, Dante...

I am back. Back into the wide world of blogging- the BLOGOSPHERE, if you will. I stopped for a short while (five months) in order to properly mourn the death of my dog, Dante. He died last time I blogged, on easter. He was a rescue and was terrified of me, and I accidentally let him out when Holly was gone on a mission trip for a week. He ran and ran and ran and I ran after him- then he ran in front of a car, and it was over. Sad, sad day. I had to pick Holly up from the airport and tell her her dog was gone. He loved Holly... I mean LOVED her. Hated me. So, soon after, we adopted another cuddy little pound puppy, who, interestingly enough, was named TJ when Holly found him online. We named him Gus, short for Augustus, and we are often guilty of calling him "The Gusbuster."
The funny thing about Blogging is... there is not much worth talking about in my life these days. I have cut the touring down, fired my booking agent for the second time, working landscaping, and trying to get a publishing deal signed. Havent heard anything back from the publisher, other than he wants to make me an offer. Thought maybe he would call back...maybe not. Ill keep you posted.
COme back and read whats going on- Ill be blogging on a regular basis now- i promise. See yall- TJ